Pink Onion Studio

The idea behind our Multimedia Studio is to bring digital solutions of any kind to smaller companies and individuals. But also to make it known that just because Digital is the future, it doesn’t need to forget the best parts of the analog process: putting care and effort on each step of the way.

Game Design

Do you have an idea you would like to explore? Have you heard the word Gamification and now is all you can think about? Or maybe you want to include a game as part of your experience…

Whichever the case, we will help you design and develop!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much value has a moving one?

From Video Explainers to Commercials or Co-Producing ideas. We’ll bring all our passion and love for animation to achieve a priceless result!



Are you stuck trying to find a solution to a process problem? Do you want to test an idea before investing further on it?
We can help!

Our Team will work with you using the Sprint Methodology to achieve a prototype.


Our Team offers an extensive array of options: from Graphic Design to Website Design. We take your ideas and work together to achieve a design that will make you proud to show anyone.

At Pink Onion Studio we don’t measure projects by how big or small they are: we care and craft all of them to the best of our abilities.